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Pharmacy ordering of prescriptions

We are no longer be able to accept prescription requests from pharmacies. If you come in to the surgery with some photo ID we can give you your log in details so you can order your prescriptions online. Please note, we do not take prescription requests over the phone.

Wirral CCG prescribing guidance

Please click the link to see guidance from Wirral CCG on prescribing and ordering your medication: Patient Message- Prescribing

Prescribing of over the counter medications

Wirral CCG have had to make certain changes recently to save money and direct funds into other areas. This letter from the CCG explains some of the changes and why they have taken place. This includes GPs no longer prescribing medications available over the counter and a reduction in gluten free prescribing. Please click the link to view this letter: Changes to prescribing

You can view the Wirral CCG prescribing policy here: Self Care Policy 2020

Changes to prescribing

Wirral CCG have changed their prescribing policy for certain over the counter medications which we will no longer be able to prescribe under NHS prescription. These include medication to postpone periods, head lice treatments, short term pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen and hay fever remedies for adults. For a full list of excluded medications click on the following link: Medicines for self care

NHS Minor Ailments Scheme

Under the Minor Ailments Scheme also known as ‘Think Pharmacy’ you can receive treatment from your pharmacist for minor ailments which you do not need a GP appointment for at participating pharmacies. The pharmacist can issue certain treatments under prescription and if you do not pay for your prescriptions, you will receive this treatment free of charge. If your problem is more serious and needs the attention of a GP, your pharmacist will recognise this and direct you to see your GP instead. A list of current participating pharmacies in the local area are available to view in this document: Think Pharmacy Local Pharmacy’s

Period Delay Medication

Under new prescribing guidelines, we are unable to give medication to delay periods for travel or sport under prescription. We can also no longer provide a private prescription for this. If you would like to postpone your period, you can visit a pharmacy website by searching online for ‘delay period pill’, have an online counselling session with a pharmacist and order the medication privately from them.


We are unable to prescribe antibiotics for viral infections such as coughs and colds. They will not be effective and may make you more resistant to antibiotics in the future. For more information about antibiotic use please see below:


University Students

Please note: students who are living out of the area must register with a doctor at their university or university town. Students should make sure they order enough medication to last over the holidays from their own GP before coming home. We are only able to see students in the holidays as an emergency and not for issuing repeat prescriptions.

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