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Phlebotomy Clinic

We have a Phlebotomy (blood test) clinic here at the surgery by appointment only. We can also book you in at other local surgeries. Please check availability with our reception team.

Cervical Smears

We recommend that all women from the age of 25 to 50 have a smear test every 3 years, then every 5 years to age 65. You may make an appointment for a smear with the practice nurse during normal working hours. Please do not try to book in for a smear test unless you have had a letter from the Cervical Screening Service to say you are due. You can only have your smear test on or after the date you are due. Please note, If you wish to cancel your smear test, we ask you to kindly let us know as early as possible, as Nurse appointments which are cancelled at short notice can rarely be filled by another patient.

Family Planning

A Family Planning service is available during normal surgery hours. Alternatively there are a number of Family Planning clinics in the area, providing a range of days and times. Visit Sexual Health Wirral’s website by clicking this link: https://www.sexualhealthwirral.nhs.uk/

Minor Surgery

A range of minor operations such as removal of moles and skin tags are carried out at the surgery. Minor surgery is performed by Dr Simopoulos. This  saves a long wait for the same procedure performed at hospital. If you are interested in this service, please ask reception.

Asthma Advice

For any child or adult with asthma. We offer regular asthma reviews and check-ups as well as dealing with problems as they arise. We also give advice on proper use of inhalers and other devices.

Diabetic Reviews

Run by Dr Thompson and our Practice Nurse for all our diabetic patients. Appointments are flexible but usually involve  a minimum of two visits to the doctor or nurse and blood tests each year. We perform regular checks on diabetes control, we screen for complications and can arrange appointments with the dietician, chiropodist, optician or hospital as appropriate.

Please note, we strongly advise that you do not change, stop or start any diabetic medication or insulin device without first seeking advice from your diabetes specialist.

Baby Vaccination Clinic

Our Practice Nurse holds Baby Vaccination Clinics each week. Once you have received notification that your baby is due their vaccinations, you can book in on one of our clinics. Please bring your child’s ‘Red Book’ with you to all baby vaccine appointments.

Well Baby Clinic

There is a team of Health Visitors who hold a baby clinic at Bebington Civic Centre who look after all our patients They can be contacted on  0151 327 2411

Wellbeing Practitioner

We have a Wellbeing Practitioner who can help our patients with accessing support services and voluntary groups in the area as well as help with form-filling, signposting to financial advice and helping those who are felling lonely or isolated.

Health Coaches

Our Health Coaches give advice and personalised support to those wanting to get more active, lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle

Cancer Care Coordinator

Our Cancer Care Coordinator can give help and support throughout your cancer journey.

Mental Health Care Coordinator

Our Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachael, can help those with a mental health issue. She has clinics here at the surgery every other Friday.

Clinical Pharmacists

We have a team of Clinical Pharmacists assisting our GPs by handling medication reviews, dealing with medication queries and adding medications following hospital discharge.

Smoking Cessation

ABL Wirral provide advice and support for those wanting to quit smoking. Visit http://www.ablhealth.co.uk/wirral/ for details of clinics in the area or phone 0151 541 5656 or text ABL to 60777

Counselling Service

Insight Wirral provide a counselling service which comes to the surgery each week. Visit Insight Talking Therapies click the following link for information or to self-refer: http://www.insightiapt.org/locations/wirral/ or call them on 0151 649 1859

NHS Health Checks

Patients aged 40-74 years may be invited for an NHS Health Check with our Nurse.

Dementia Shared Care

Our Practice Nurse holds annual Dementia reviews for all our patients with a diagnosis of Dementia.

Learning Disabilities

Patients who have Learning Disabilities are reviewed by the Practice Nurse and GP every year. They will also be invited for an annual winter flu jab each year.

Carers Advice

If you are a carer or are cared for, we advise that you let the surgery know so we can offer additional help and support. Visit the Carers Page on our website for information on support or events for carers in the area. You can also register with Wired. Wired provides a Health and Wellbeing Service for carers on the Wirral. Learn more about Wired and register on their website:  http://www.wired.me.uk/

Healthwatch Directory of Services

For a directory of local services and contact numbers click this link: Healthwatch online directory of services

Moving Abroad

If you are going to be abroad for more than 3 months then you are entitled to a sufficient supply of regular medications for pre-existing conditions, to get to your destination and find an alternative supply of that medication. Patients should check on arrangements for obtaining prescribed medications in the country they intend to visit before leaving the UK.

There is no explicit time limit on prescriptions for patients travelling abroad, but as patients would normally be removed from a GP’s list if absent for 3 months or more it is expected that prescriptions would not exceed 3 months. When doctors prescribe a drug, they are clinically and legally responsible for any results of that decision to prescribe. In view of this, it would not be considered good clinical practice for a doctor to prescribe large amounts of drugs to a patient going abroad for an extended period of time.

For information from NHS Choices about moving abroad, please see: Moving Abroad- Planning for your healthcare

Dental Problems

We are unable to treat dental problems. You should instead book an appointment with you dentist. If you are not registered with a dentist, the number for emergency dental care is 0161 476 9651. Antibiotics will not help with dental pain and your GP will not prescribe them for this reason. You can get over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen from your pharmacist while awaiting dental treatment.

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